Elliott Terral

Code of Secrets

A magician holds the responsibility to offer the experience of wonder.

There is no straight path to become a magician. Your commitment to mystify will be an ongoing journey, and we encourage you to see magic in everything.

We offer an educational platform for learning about the principles of magic and its allied arts. Our library of instructional videos is a fantastic resource and a glimpse into the incredible world of magic. With lessons on magic tricks, theory, performance, sleight of hand, and cardistry, we aim to progress the art of magic and inspire new generations of magicians. If you’re ready to begin this adventure, a treasury of wonder awaits.

In joining our institution, we request that you be diligent in your studies, reverent to the artform, and open-minded in your pursuit. Cultivate a sense of mystery in your work and share a wonderful experience of magic with others.

Image from The Prestige. © Touchstone Pictures.

Dan Buck

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