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Lincoln Now: The Art of Cardistry

In 2013 we were contacted by the folks at Cool Hunting, one of our favorite blogs for inspiration and all-around coolness, asking if we’d be open to talking about cardistry for a video series sponsored by Lincoln Motor Company.

We had such a great time driving around Los Angeles with Greg Stefano and Greg Mitnick, the producer and director of the piece, and think they did an awesome job putting it together. It’s also the only video showing us practicing magic as kids.

From the editors at Cool Hunting:

As children, Dave and Dan Buck dreamed of dedicating their lives to magic. The quest to find where they would belong in this world of endless possibilities eventually led the pair to Cardistry.

Cardistry, the art of flourishing cards, allowed for them to personalize their tricks. The art of Cardistry may have started as just a beloved hobby among enthusiasts, but when the juggling duo began making videos to document their routines, a movement began. After Dave and Dan posted their first video online in 2003 and then launched a DVD, the art and community of Cardistry began to grow — with Dave and Dan emerging as leaders of the trickery.

Elliott Terral

As a cofounder of ArtofMagic.com, Elliott is dedicated to advancing our art and honing our craft. While not a professional magician, his enthusiasm for intimate performance and his attention to detail, coupled with his knuckle-busting chops, have provided him valuable insight into why good, powerful magic is essential to elevating the public's perception of our community.

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