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What is A Secret Has Two Faces?

A Secret Has Two Faces is an exploration of the collaborative work of A.Bandit - Derek DelGaudio and Glenn Kaino - that examines artistic existential crisis, the power of belief and its role in our society, and the possibilities that emerge from the consummation of art and magic. It is not a “how-to” book for magic hobbyists. For the public, A Secret Has Two Faces is a chronicle of process and progress, but for magicians, it’s an enrollment conversation that encourages artistic thought and intentionality in creation.

Nearly 10 years ago, conceptual artist Glenn Kaino, experiencing burnout after Art Basel Miami, decided to suspend the production components of his studio and tour the country speaking with magicians, looking for some insight into “believing in what [you] do.” Nearly everyone he contacted urged Glenn to meet Derek DelGaudio, who at the time was also struggling with his chosen identity.

Derek’s dissatisfaction with the public perception of magic and the community that influenced it left him questioning his purpose and life’s dedication to a craft that inherently prevents appreciation. When they finally connected at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, an immediate bond was born from the alignment between their missions and ideologies.

In 2010, they formed A.Bandit, a performance art project they describe as a ‘new medium somewhere between art and magic,’ which creates ‘psycho-spatial interventions.’” Since then, A.Bandit have created, written, and performed numerous reality-bending productions and artworks and are currently selling out tickets for In & Of Itself at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York City.

Included within the pages of A Secret Has Two Faces are essays and conversations from leading magicians, artists, and performance artists, including: Max Maven, Denise Markonish, Tony DeLap, John Baldessari, Marina Abramovic, David Blaine, Teller, and Ricky Jay. Accounts of the performance pieces and artworks created by A.Bandit since their inception are also included, detailing the thought process and inspiration necessary to fulfill on generated ideas.

This is more than a magic book. It’s more than an art book. It’s a performance piece in and of itself, that meets in the middle of the two. The reader will learn more about art and magic by reading between the lines. What’s unwritten is as important as the words on the page, which is fitting, because the true value of this offering lies not only in the wisdom imparted, but “in the space between.”

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