Elliott Terral

Asi Wind's Gypsy Queen

After several years of development, Gypsy Queen is finally available. Inspired by working closely with David Blaine over the years, Asi's newest contribution to magic will leave your spectators with a memory and a memento that they will always treasure. The perfect walk-around miracle, Gypsy Queen allows for endless presentational possibilities.

Asi's in-depth explanation covers several different routines and methods for Gypsy Queen, perfect for anyone at any skill level. Asi also includes three unedited, full length performances of Gypsy Queen, allowing you to see his timing and preferred presentations. Here's one now:

The necessary gimmicked deck needed to perform this effect, as well as a matching normal pack, will be mailed to you within two business days after purchase. 

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Ruslan June 15, 2017 AT 6:43PM

Great !!!!!!!!

Dustin Marks December 11, 2016 AT 7:23AM

Brilliant routine. Timing is everything and so is directing people’s attention.