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Earl Nelson performs on The Magic Palace

One of the smoothest workers of all time, Earl Nelson performs miraculous sleight of hand at a tempered, bewildering pace. Earl chooses exceptional magic, and as a testament to this, his book Variations has itself inspired countless variations due to the great plots and handlings therein.

One of the few in the right place, The Magic Castle, at the right time, Earl spent many, many hours with The Professor, Dai Vernon. He took all of the lessons and knowledge he learned and applied them to his magic and sleight of hand. You can find some fabulous lessons on his teaching videos The Lost Tapes - great instruction with thorough detail and advice on shifts, palming, and much more.

Infrequently, highly collectable copies of his magazine, West Coast Quarterly, surface, which feature some excellent contributions, and Earl was instrumental in getting Frank Simon’s excellent Versatile Card Magic in print, modeling for the photographs and later, making a companion video for Versatile Card Magic Revisited. He is definitely partly responsible for the immense popularity of Jerry’s Nugget playing cards!

Here, Earl performs a beautifully clean and direct routine on Dale Harney's Canadian magic program, The Magic Palace.

Thanks to the efforts of many magicians who were able to provide Magicana with VHS copies of various episodes, they have been able to recover over 220 performance clips.

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