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Slow Dance

Slow Dance is a magical frame designed by Jeff Lieberman that allows objects to move in slow motion without the need of a camera. The mechanics, similar to a zoetrope "combine technology, science, and art in order to remind us of the natural mystery, beauty, and wonder that surround us every day."

Jeff has been fascinated with slow motion for years. You might recall his name from the Discovery Channel show, Time Warp, which filmed objects in super slow motion to analyze their behavior. In 2009 Jeff reached out to Dan and Dave to try and dissect the inner workings of sleight of hand. You can watch that episode here.

"Slow Dance is like nothing you’ve ever seen in real life. It looks like a picture frame, except that there’s no picture and no glass — instead, two clips hold objects inside the frame. Plug in Slow Dance and see the magic for yourself."

The project is currently seeking funding on KickStarter. We bought one immediately and invite those looking to capture a little bit more mystery, beauty, and wonder in their life to have a look (in slow motion).

Dan Buck

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