Ricky Smith

"The Greatest Popover in the World" with Ricky Smith

"Hello Team!

Dan, Dave and I went to Las Vegas for a magic convention. Lee Asher was there, I believe he was living there at the time and working at Caesar’s Magical Empire, and we were well acquainted with his awesomeness. However, Aaron Fisher was going to be at this convention, and it would be Dan and Dave’s first time meeting him.

Lee quickly concocted a plan to cause intrigue and excitement to occur at this glorious first meeting, since Aaron would only have slight interest in their glorious card flourishing abilities. We would start the rumour that Dan and Dave did Aaron’s One Hand Popover better than anyone in the world...including Aaron himself!

It was very exciting to be involved in this glorious scheme, and I spent most of the convention on the lookout for Mr. Fisher while simultaneously tingling with excitement. Dan and Dave were unfazed.

There he was! The meeting was about to take place!

We were ushered over by Lee Asher, and Dan and Dave played coy with regard to their One Hand Popover prowess. Finally they, I think it was Dan, did the move for Aaron. The jig was up. He said, “Well, the popover was fine, but your card spring is one of the best I’ve ever seen.” (This quote is probably different from the original due to decades of time occurring in between the incident and the writing).

I was so proud!

Here is a free tutorial on the Spring!"

- delightful and insightful wisdom from the inimitable Richard C. Smith. Photo credit to Benjamin Pratt at As Is NYC.

Ricky Smith

Ricky Smith's skill with a pack of cards is as deep as his knowledge of the art. A true student of magic, Smith has learned from some of the greatest card-men the world has ever seen. His devotion to the craft, and tireless scholarship in countless published and unpublished works on conjuring, has thrust him to the highest echelons of the magic community. One thing is for certain, Ricky Smith cares about the art of magic.

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