Ian Flinn

The Impossibility Process

The Impossibility Process explores the progression of the magician. The feeling of impossibility surrounds the craft of magic, and magicians are the conduits for those moments.

Thanks to Hal Schulman for his cinematic perspective and ability to illustrate my words in video, Logan Latray for creating the music behind the mystery, Alex Boyce for his knowledge of classic conjuring, Noah Levine of Magic after Hours for allowing us to infiltrate his space and share a glimpse of his beautiful show, Amanda Nepo for her passion for learning and potential for the future of magic, and Adam Blumenthal of Tannen's Magic Shop for allowing us to film in a shop that has fostered the development of many of America's great magicians.

Ian Flinn

Ian Flinn is a New York City based magician and researcher of all things magic who relishes daily in the beautiful intricacies of the craft. Trained in both the fields of psychology and education, Flinn engages on a regular basis with the inner machinations of the human mind and the rich history behind our art. After the 2015 publication of Conjuring Curiosity, a treatise on the history of conjuring, Flinn continues to research and educate on how magic is necessary for society!

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