Ricky Smith

The Suave Deceiver

In collaboration with Potter & Potter and Pitchford Entertainment, Media and Magic, our sister company, Art of Play, has produced a limited edition deck of playing cards to celebrate the life and career of Richard Valentine Pitchford (1895-1973).

Under the stage name of Cardini, Pitchford's flawless sleight of hand, effortless charm and infectious humor garnered him the adulation of fellow magicians and international audiences.

The deck is a modern poker-sized replica of the special Peau Doux playing cards Cardini used in performance of his legendary nightclub act "The Suave Deceiver." Special features include a vintage-inspired tuck box, letterpress-printed with gold metallic ink and embossed typography, custom tax stamp, ace of spades, and matching jokers depicting a silhouette of Cardini.

Exclusively available at artofplay.com

Ricky Smith

Ricky Smith's skill with a pack of cards is as deep as his knowledge of the art. A true student of magic, Smith has learned from some of the greatest card-men the world has ever seen. His devotion to the craft, and tireless scholarship in countless published and unpublished works on conjuring, has thrust him to the highest echelons of the magic community. One thing is for certain, Ricky Smith cares about the art of magic.

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