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Episode 79

David Williamson

Episode 79: David Williamson sits down with Elliott to discuss his humble beginnings in Ohio, the blue-collar showbusiness path he was drawn to, his thoughts on scripting and being present in the room, and how he transformed from the shy, quiet kid into the outrageous powerhouse that steals steals the show. Enjoy!

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Ubai Dahoud

Best podcast after Ricky Smith’s and tony Chang’s.

Aug 13, 2018

toby philpott

What a fabulous 2’20" of interview! Gems and insights for all kinds of performers. Thanks so much.

Aug 13, 2018

Ron Bell

Great conversation. David’s modesty is amazing. Definitely one of the all time greats

Aug 13, 2018

Paul Cummins

That was a fascinating podcast – thank you both!

Aug 13, 2018