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Episode 60

Derek Hughes*

Episode 60: Derek Hughes, the Stand Up Magician, sits down with Elliott after a week in the Palace of Mystery at the Magic Castle. In this episode they discuss triumphs and failures, open mics, America’s Got Talent, working as a professional, scripting and improvising, and pens! This episode is chock full of gold from one of the funniest, most talented magicians working today. Also, Handsome Jack stops by. Enjoy!

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Juha-Matti Ristiharju

Its interesting to listen to these podcasts especially when the topic of stand-up comes up. Just spend whole evening yesterday trying to watch the stand-up comedians that different quests have recommended and Bill Burr was only one I could watch over the “10 minute, nah this guy isn’t funny” mark. Rest I find find funny at all. But it is always nice to hear new names and see if one of them clicks and I find someone new to follow.

Aug 22, 2017