Elliott Terral

Tom Frank (Episode 30)

Episode 30: Elliott sits down with master street performer Tom Frank to have a lovely discussion about his life in magic. Even though Tom is a wonderful performer, he has remained an underground secret which makes this episode a special treat. Tom shares particularly useful advice for young magicians considering careers in magic, and cups and balls fans will love the ending of the podcast. Also, every magician should listen to his one man crusade to “Pass the deck.” Enjoy!

Topics mentioned in the episode:

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Larry Fishwipe November 22, 2016 AT 12:23PM

Excellent podcast. Loved it.
I know Tom via FB only, and he’s one of the good guys. Honest.

Mike Alan November 19, 2016 AT 1:23PM

I can’t wait to hear this keep up the good work

My kindest regards Mike