Close Up

Close-up is magic’s most intimate form, with audiences generally ranging from a single spectator to a small group of people. These performances often feature audience involvement where each participant may feel like they are part of the magic. Commonly used close-up props are playing cards, currency, and cups and balls.


Parlor magic refers to a semi-formal performance for a medium sized group. Some items of parlor magic may be performed on stage for a large audience or for an intimate gathering, so it is an excellent genre for exploration. Tricks may require apparati, advanced preparation that make their performance more conducive to a scheduled event, or audience participation that may be ill-conceived for too large of a setting. Classic effects include the Linking Rings, Miser’s Dream, and the Professor’s Nightmare.


Street magic is generally associated with the impromptu performance of tricks using everyday items and is regarded as much less formal than close-up or parlour magic. Performing to a collection of randomly collected people on a street or other thoroughfare, seemingly at the drop of a hat, is one of the oldest and most popular forms of performing magic. A long tradition that still continues today and has even been reborn into a newer form thanks to the influence of David Blaine.


Cardistry evolved from the simple playing card embellishments and ornamentations seen within card performers’ acts in the last century. It is a rapidly growing artform that has spawned its own subgenres of playing card flourishes. From single card twirls to multi-packet displays, this impressive display of dexterity is eye-candy for spectators.


Technique refers almost exclusively to effects that can be done solely through the abilities of the magician, and their dexterous fingers, than with any cleverly crafted piece of apparatus. While sleights can occur in almost any magic performance, a sleight of hand artist will attempt to use any available objects, many of which can be borrowed, and craft miracles simply with the use of some cleverly conceived and deftly executed maneuvers.


Mentalism is the art of reading minds, predicting the future, telekinesis (moving objects with the power of your mind), and much more. These kinds of feats are particularly noteworthy due to the fact that many audiences are ready and willing to believe that they are real.

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Clear All


by Irving Quant

This beautifully constructed handling of Mr. Goodwin's "Slap Exchange" (At the Expense of Grey Matter, 1989) allows four cards to be lodged face-up in the deck before they are made to transpose wit...


by Dan and Dave

A neat card trick, in the form of a stunt, that will fool your friends into believing what you say you're doing is actually true.One of 50+ original concepts featured on Andthensome. Like what you ...


by Helder Guimarães

After having a card peeked, the magician is unsure of its whereabouts so he proceeds to magically remove cards from the deck only to appear between two Jokers. The end results in a surprising clima...

Blackjack Production

by Dan and Dave

After shuffling and cutting the deck you're able to instantly produce the four aces in a manner inspired by Steve Freeman that requires little setup. Then, with a simple gesture the aces suddenly l...

Cam Con Transpo

by Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson explains two methods to achieve a classic plot in card magic originally created by Bill Goodwin and later popularized by Ernest Earick. The magician places the Aces face down in four di...

Card Across

by Dan and Dave

A selected card is left protruding from half the deck in your left hand while the other half remains in your right hand. Instantly and without the packets ever touching their card vanishes and reap...


by Irving Quant

A surprisingly easy method for accomplishing an age-old card problem where 4 cards are inserted face-down into the deck and instantly transpose with 4 different cards which are now evenly distribut...


by Dan and Dave

A modern and stylized approach to a classic effect in card magic. Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. As the four aces are magically produced, the selections mysteriously appear between th...

Collectors Edition

by Syd Segal

One of 7 original effects featured on Simply Sydney, an instructional collection featuring the card magic of Syd Segal. In Collectors Edition, the Kings successfully locate and trap three selection...

Double D's and Aces

by Syd Segal

One of 7 original effects featured on Simply Sydney, an instructional collection featuring the card magic of Syd Segal. In Double D's and Aces the spectator is asked to shuffle the cards upon spell...

Deja Vu

by Dan and Dave

A beautiful transposition effect with a clever plot about Déjà Vu that will leave your spectators wondering more about what they really just witnessed, or if it happened at all. Any card is selecte...

Easy Aces

by Paul Wilson

From a shuffled deck, four random selections turnout to be the four aces of which vanish and reappear in this nearly self working routine devised by Paul Wilson.

Effective Aces

by Syd Segal

You're going to love this astute rendition on the classic effect by Bill Simon. A spectator freely touches four cards in the deck which are removed and shown to be the four aces.The method is clean...

Fair Deal Kid

by Paul Wilson

From a shuffled deck your spectator is asked to gather a group of cards, at random, onto the table. It's at this point you instruct him/her to deal the cards into three poker hands using a "secret ...

Fission for Aces

by Dan and Dave

An eight is turned face up on top of the deck. In a splitting action, the eight is ripped into two fours of matching color. One of the fours is handed out, as the remaining four is this time split ...


by Syd Segal

One of 7 original effects featured on Simply Sydney, an instructional collection featuring the card magic of Syd Segal. G.A.F.T. is a sandwich routine that includes a visual "split" of the selecte...

Hand to Mouth

by Dan and Dave

The spectator is instructed to push their protruding card flush with the deck... By this time the card is already in your mouth. 

Hedbergs Peak

by Dan and Dave

If you ever need a quick trick to send that "wise guy" back to where he belongs, this is it! Leave your heckler completely stumped after thinking they had you all along. It's another quick transpos...

Hofzinser's Aristocrats

by Kostya Kimlat

A multi-phased rendition of the classic Hofzinser Ace Trick developed by Kostya Kimlat & Syd Segal. In this version the spectator is given a role and takes part in the routine by helping the ma...

Hofzzy Osbourne

by Dan and Dave

A nice remix of the classic Hofzinser Ace trick. Your spectators will swear you have some sort of supernatural powers. You literally set up the ending of the trick before you really even start.The ...


by John Carney

Upon trying to find the four Aces, the magician is having no luck as Jokers are popping up everywhere. Eventually, the magician becomes fed up and turns them all into Aces.Expertly explained by mas...

Mercurial Cards

by John Carney

Full of wonderful and useful sleight of hand techniques, Mercurial Cards is a beautifully constructed routine. It's upbeat, visual and full of surprises.Expertly explained by master close-up magici...

Napkin Trilogy

by John Carney

Napkin Trilogy consists of three different effects: Predictable Surprise, Straggler and Final Trace. In this tutorial, master close-up magician John Carney walks you through all the necessary steps...

The Mysterious Deck

by Irving Quant

Two face-up Kings are inserted at right angles into the center of the deck. As they pass through, one mysteriously turns face down. The effect is repeated, however, this time the face of the King d...

Open Triumph

by Dani DaOrtiz

Within our library of books we’ve read countless variations of Triumph, small changes to Vernon’s original handling published in The Stars of Magic. However, Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz is as open...


by Lee Asher

Ace of Spades magically transforms into the signed selection. It's simple, direct and a lots of fun to show around. These are three qualities we've come to appreciate in Lee Asher's material - and ...


by Dan and Dave

A visual teleportation of a selected card from one hand to the other. The effect combines a rhythmic display of cardistry and magic.

The Queens

by Dan and Dave

Watch close and don't blink as one-by-one the four Queens vanish in visual eye-candy only to re-appear all at once in this highly visual interpretation of Bill Goodwin's, The Queens.


by Helder Guimarães

A quick and easy to perform walk-around approach to the classic "Oil & Water" plot first presented by Edward Marlo in the 1950s. Watch as both red and black cards mix and un-mix like oil and wa...

Sixty Nine

by Dan and Dave

Here's a fun packet trick that you'll love to perform. The four sixes are shown while the performer jokes about how if he turns the six around and change it to a nine (pointing to an upside down si...

Stabbed in the Back

by David Williamson

More of a "stunt" or "display of skill" then an actual magic effect but in either case this quick little fooler will take any onlooker by surprise. A selection is lost in the pack, then the Ace is ...


by Dan and Dave

Here's a completely modernized version of Earl Nelson's Submarine Sandwich. We've given the effect a few of our signature touches and added teleportation to the plot to make what was a good trick a...

Swiss Made

by Dan and Dave

A remix of the classic Back in Time effect by Steve Freeman. If you know the Freeman trick, just imagine it with a face-up card and you've imagined this trick, seriously. In this effect you'll lear...

TiVo Transpo

by Dan and Dave

Here's an instant two-card transposition effect. It can be done anytime and surrounded. One selection is placed face-down into deck center while the other remains face-up on top. Visually and with ...

TiVo 2.0

by Dan and Dave

A visual rendition of the two-card transposition plot. Imagine openly placing a selected card out-jogged in the center of the deck, turning the top card face-up and without ever covering either car...


by Bill Goodwin

A three-phase sandwich routine that progresses in both visual impossibility and appeal, leaving your spectators with an inexplicable climax of sheer magic. Learn each phase in detail, along with an...

Twinsplit Remix

by Dan and Dave

The three of clubs is shown at the fingertips in the left hand. You explain how the pips on the card are removable and you pinch the center pip of the three with the fingertips of the right hand. I...


by Helder Guimarães

A sublime combination of the classic Hofzinser Ace Problem & Twisting the Aces into a single multi-phased routine to bring forth a modern approach to these otherwise antiquated card tricks.


by Dan and Dave

A visual exploration of the Ambitious Card combined with magical feats of dexterous exploitation. Uzumaki is our take on the classic Ambitious Card where a selected card magically comes to the top ...


by Paul Wilson

From a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards one spectator is asked to think of a card while another spectator is asked to name a number. Could it be that the selection is now at that position in the de...


by Paul Wilson

Imagine this, you're holding a lousy hand of poker spread at the fingertips. In a subtle action of riffling the edges of the cards, they seem to magically morph into a royal flush. The cards are vi...

Mistaken Sandwich

by Bill Goodwin

One of 10 original effects featured on Reflection, a collection of card magic from Bill Goodwin. In Mistaken Sandwich, a card is produced between two others. Realizing that it is not the selection,...

Hold the Mayo

by Bill Goodwin

One of 10 original effects featured on Reflection, a collection of card magic from Bill Goodwin. In Hold the Mayo the four Aces are produced one at a time from between two Jokers.

Off Balance Transpo

by Bill Goodwin

Off Balance Transpo is a three-phase routine where a selected card and the four Aces repeatedly switch places culminating with a visual transformation of the selection into the four Aces.


by Dan and Dave

We are pleased to present our friend and amateur magician Victor Cruz in the following tutorial of MKA. This tricked-out version of Collectors originally appeared in "The System Vault" back in 2005...

Ambitious Explosion

by Lee Asher

It was this effect by Lee Asher that influenced our own style of card magic and spawned a new generation of young magicians performing visual close-up magic.With three phases beginning with the Sil...


by Valdemar Gestur

Trigger is a stunning and surprising effect that looks like trick photography. The solution is impossible to reconstruct, yet seems fair and is easily achieved.After a card is shuffled into the cen...

Spring St. Aces

by Steve Forte

As the cards are sprung face up from hand to hand, the dealer is able to stop dead on an Ace. This is repeated three more times until all four Aces have been found. An impeccable feat to say the le...

Triumph v136

by Ben Train

The following approach was originally brought to the table by Syd Segal in Full Metal Jacket (2005) under the name Very Fair Triumph. Ben Train offers personalization, history and clear teaching in...

Dead Lock

by Michael Stern

Michael's modern take on the old school Rising Card trick is great for both the beginner looking to dabble and the lazy professional. Although the method is easy, the effect stands strong.After acc...

Bullet to the Brain

by Paul Wilson

A unique twist on an old Harvey Rosenthal idea where two jokers appear around a thought of card. In this method Paul Wilson not only predicts the thought of card but causes it to vanish.In hindsigh...


by Dan and Dave

Similar in concept to Autocatch, this effect will fool your friends into thinking that you can actually "scoop" a chosen card off the table with superhuman pinpoint accuracy between two face-up car...

Commodore 64

by Chris Mayhew

Instead of single cards switching places, like TiVo 2.0 for example, Chris has come up with a diabolical way to make a pair of cards change places with a single card! Even better, right? It looks l...

King Brand

by Bill Goodwin

For a decade now, King Brand has been a favorite trick of ours. Visually dynamic, the effect couldn't be simpler: The deck is removed and only four cards are presented, the two red Kings and and th...


by Valdemar Gestur

Several years ago we introduced you to Pixel, the visual masterpiece from David Jade that has since become one of our best selling tricks. Then came Trigger and now Valdemar Gestur is back at it wi...

The Unreal Work #2

by Jason England

The Unreal Work 2: Cheaters on a Train reveals more powerful methods for cheating at cards. Learn thirteen professional routines guaranteed to fool and fascinate your audience.Paul and Jason share ...

The Unreal Session #1

by Paul Wilson

On the debut episode Paul Wilson shares his favorite way to produce the four aces while Jason England tips his method for an old dealing trick called Conning Caveney (it fooled us). In addition to ...

The Unreal Session #2

by Paul Wilson

On Episode 2 Paul Wilson shares an impromptu coin trick with some loose change in his pocket, Jason England delights us with another impossible card trick, and special guest Gary Plants thrills us ...

The Unreal Session #3

by Paul Wilson

In terms of material, this has to be our favorite episode so far. Boxed Transpo by Paul Wilson is one of our favorite card tricks to perform right now. The method is genius, and fun to perform! Jas...

The Unreal Session #4

by Paul Wilson

On Episode 4 Paul Wilson and Jason England share unique methods for locating the four aces and special guest Lance Pierce turns a boring packet trick into a miracle.

The Unreal Session #5

by Paul Wilson

On Episode 5 Paul Wilson shares a unique addition to a classic coin trick while Jason England continues to fool us with his gambling-themed card tricks. Special guest Mark Mason teaches a lovely ca...

The Unreal Session #6

by Paul Wilson

After a short break from the release of Episode 5 we continue the series with not one but two guest submissions. Watch as Christian Engblom demonstrates a wacky new rubber band effect while Paul Wi...

The Unreal Session #7

by Paul Wilson

Episode 7 starts off with special guest David Solomon who tips his unique method for the Oil & Water effect. Paul Wilson demonstrates how a spectator can shuffle a deck and manage to cut to the...

The Unreal Session #8

by Paul Wilson

Join Paul Wilson, Jason England, and the amazing, legendary Johnny Thompson in our eighth Unreal Session.

The Unreal Session #10

by Paul Wilson

On the final episode in the series Paul Wilson shares a unique take on the Riffle Peek while Jason England continues to boggle our minds with gambling-themed cards tricks. This week, special guest ...

The Unreal Session #9

by Paul Wilson

Nine episodes in and we're still going strong. On this episode learn how to trick your audience into thinking you're a master at false dealing via a clever routine by Paul Wilson. Then, watch as Pa...

Leap of Faith

by David Regal

Leap of Faith is a beautifully constructed piece of visual card magic by David Regal. It has all the elements that make for a good card trick including presentation, misdirection, and sleight of ha...

Director's Cut

by Henok Negash

A demonstration of gambling with an unexpected ending where the spectator unknowingly performs expert card control to magically produce four of a kind.The magician explains that he will show you ho...

Triumph and Triumph Again

by Asi Wind

From the mind that brought you A.A.C.A.A.N and Double Exposure comes the next evolution in a classic of magic.Asi Wind, one of the greatest modern conjurors, shares with us Triumph and Triumph Agai...

Our Magic

by Paul Wilson

Our Magic is an honest, passionate and revealing glimpse behind the curtain to reveal the secretive world of magicians as seen through the eyes of some of the most respected thinkers, performers an...

Triple Cask Triumph

by Elliott Terral

Triple Cask Triumph is a simple, direct, in-the-hands variation of Dai Vernon's famous Triumph. This version contains no traditional sleight of hand, and it should serve as an excellent guide to st...

The Card and Handkerchief

by Elliott Terral

Travel back with us 114 years as we foray deeper into the mind of S.W. Erdnase. With Elliott Terral as our guide, we’ll examine the classic Card Through Handkerchief effect in which a selected play...

The Card and Hat

by Elliott Terral

One of our favorite effects from The Expert at the Card Table beautifully performed and explained by Elliott Terral.


by Dani DaOrtiz

From one of Magic's foremost minds, comes a multilayered effect - combining both the plots of a Torn & Restored Card and ACAAN - that will leave any audience baffled.A card is selected and sign...

Cannibal Cards

by Bill Goodwin

Originally published in Lecture 1988, Bill Goodwin brings us another amazing version of the nearly 50 year old classic, demonstrating how the four Kings in every pack of playing cards are indeed Ca...


by Bill Goodwin

In this astonishing effect, any four of a kind is found by the spectator from a shuffled deck. This amazing piece of magic has the spectator seemingly accomplish all of the work, but the cards are ...

Turning Point

by Bill Goodwin

This surprising feat of dexterity demonstrates not only the performer’s ability to manipulate the cards, but the cards’ affinity for taking part in the mischief. This quick trick is accomplished wi...

Wenderz Flip

by Bill Goodwin

This quick, impromptu trick has the four aces turning face up in a surprising and incredibly visual manner. Each ace revolves in the blink of an eye, with the added bonus that the cards are handled...

Three of Clubs

by Juan Tamariz

After years of waiting, Juan Tamariz, one of the greatest minds in magic, is finally prepared to share more treasures from his inner secrets. Although best known for his stack, Mnemonica, Three of ...


by Juan Tamariz

Tweezers, a dual phased two-card-monte routine from Juan Tamariz, is undoubtedly one of the best monte routines you can perform. The routine is designed for absolute fairness — the magician removes...

Bad Luck

by Juan Tamariz

Juan Tamariz brings us another phenomenal effect. The spectator chooses four cards from a shuffled deck - red are good luck and black are bad. Card after card is turned over and revealed to be blac...

The London Collection

by Guy Hollingworth

Filmed in 1996, London Collection by Guy Hollingworth entered the magic community to resounding acclaim. Guy’s work married elegance with card magic, and his gravitas and style have remained unriva...


by Dan and Dave

Dan and Dave take you further from the norm and offer their most out of the box thinking. With over 50 new creations and 2.5 hours of expert multi-camera instruction, this is sure to be an experien...


by Dan and Dave

This unique collection of material from Dan and Dave was originally offered as a limited edition DVD to the attendees of their 2010 European Lecture Tour. Now, for the first time ever, we are makin...

That Escalated Quickly

by Harapan Ong

Harapan Ong is an acclaimed creator of magic and an expert card technician. His inventions have been distributed widely amongst the community and have inspired countless magicians all over the worl...

The Paint Can

by Juan Tamariz

As playful as it is amazing, Juan Tamariz’s The Paint Can is a master course on presentational structure and strong, hard-hitting magic. A selected card’s “paint” proves helpful in finding a comple...

Oxnard Split

by Bill Goodwin

Oxnard Split is a highly visual handling of Paul Harris' Las Vegas Split. A Four transforms into two Twos followed by each of the Twos transforming into two Aces.An alternate version is also explai...

Twisting the Kings

by Bill Goodwin

A direct handling of Dai Vernon's classic Twisting the Aces finishing with all four cards turning over simultaneously.


by Bill Goodwin

The four Kings and the four Aces change places instantly. Two handlings are included.

The Mirage Trick

by Bill Goodwin

The magician offers to show the audience a mirage. A selection is produced between two cards, but immediately vanishes proving that its appearance was just a mirage. Included in the explanation is ...

Spectator Cuts the Aces

by Bill Goodwin

A clean and direct handling of this classic plot. The method highlights a versatile unloading technique that can be applied to other effects.

Shake & Bake

by Michael Muldoon

Shake & Bake is a hands-off color change by Michael Muldoon. A card jutting from a spread is gently shaken, and the identity of the playing card changes before your eyes. Included are the mecha...

Bold Oil & Water

by Juan Tamariz

The maestro himself, Juan Tamariz, is back at it again with a classic of magic. Bold Oil and Water is more than just another rendition of an overplayed routine. What Juan offers is a masterclass in...

Tear Change

by Brandon Williams

Imagine slowly tearing a playing card, and just as it's completely torn in half, it visually transforms into a spectators signed selection. Today, with the help of Brandon Williams, this impossibil...

Free Fall

by Chad Nelson

A protruding face-up selection slowly and visually sinks through the entire deck landing in the spectator's awaiting hand. In a blink, the whole process is reversed, bringing the card instantly to ...

Rum Jungle

by Chad Nelson

Two selections are lost and a random card is removed and held face up. With a quick shake, it visually changes into the first selection. The spectator is then asked to shake the card, which changes...


by Chad Nelson

A single selection viewed by three spectators is buried into the pack. After shuffling, three random cards are removed, shown, and handed out to the three spectators who are asked to confirm they a...

Clean Hook

by Chad Nelson

After explaining sleight of hand will be used to find the spectator's selection, a one-handed flourish swirls the selection from the center of the deck. The cards are taken behind the back with one...


by Chad Nelson

The four Kings are produced in mid-air. Three selections are shuffled back into the pack. One at a time the Kings slowly and visually vanish only to re-appear with the three selections sandwiched b...

Four Play

by Chad Nelson

A puzzling effect where a selected card shows character. Straight away a returned face-down selection appears face up and upon removal it turns face down, visually. The inversions continue, leading...


by Irving Quant

Immediately after any four of a kind, let's say the Kings, are clearly shown on top, the pack is riffled causing them to vanish. The cards are then spread to show the Kings are now evenly distribut...

Katana Spread

by Irving Quant

A mysterious production of four cards that visually appear face-up as the deck is spread across the table.Knowledge of Irving Quant's Distribution Technique is essential.

Pure Slap

by Irving Quant

The four Kings are face-up on top of the deck as the spectator places the four aces face-up throughout the deck. The cards are cleanly squared with nothing to see. With just a riffle of the cards, ...

Samurai Kut

by Irving Quant

From a shuffled deck, the cards are tossed onto a table. As the cards land, they break into four even packets. The spectator can now turn over the top card of each to reveal the four Aces.Knowledge...


by Irving Quant

The four Kings are placed face-up on top of the deck. Four selections are now removed and clearly inserted back into the deck. Everything is squared. With just a riffle, the Kings vanish from the t...


by Irving Quant

This is a beautiful version of Bill Goodwin's Slap Exchange. Ricochet is a four card transposition effect like no other. Similar in effect to Pure Slap, but with the most surprising kicker that lea...

Irving's Ace Cutting

by Irving Quant

A tribute to John Scarney's Cutting to the Aces. After the cards have been thorougly mixed, you prove that no breaks, crimps or jogs will be used. You then proceed to cut to the four Aces.An altern...

An Invisible Thread

by Helder Guimarães

Helder Guimarães has graciously chosen to share a routine that is equally baffling as it is beautiful. Kings switch to Aces and back again all in one squeaky-clean presentation. The effect is so go...

Four into Aces

by Helder Guimarães

Have you been producing the Aces the same way since 2010? We don't blame you, we all have our favorites. But you can't deny Helder Guimarães's Four into Aces is a revelation in the way of productio...


by Helder Guimarães

Triumph meets a hard-hitting production with Helder Guimarães's "Opener," straight off the Red Mirror collection. A hit at the time of the DVD's release, Opener slowly became an underground favorit...

Progressive Sandwich

by Helder Guimarães

If you're not serious about what your art, then please don't buy Helder's Progressive Sandwich. If, however, you're still reading (and we hope you are), you've come to the right place to take your ...

4 Card Prediction

by Helder Guimarães

Beautifully constructed from start to finish, Helder Guimarães's 4 Card Prediction is a treasure to behold. Learn it today to give your repertoire a much needed renovation--you won't be disappointe...

Twisting Jokers

by Helder Guimarães

A variation on Vernon's Twisting the Aces, Guimarães's Twisting Jokers is an incredible rendition of an already phenomenal classic. Watch as four Jokers turn face-down one by one, only to all turn ...

Grease Lightning

by Dorian Rhodell

A visual transposition of the four aces and the four kings that goes like this: A spectator is asked which would they prefer, "Aces or Kings?" Whatever their choice, these four cards, let's say Kin...


by Dorian Rhodell

A sandwich effect utilizing a four of a kind, such as the four Jacks. Not only do the Jacks find the selection, they mysteriously transpose with each other a few times giving a new twist on this cl...


by Dorian Rhodell

After a card has been selected, three random cards are removed and shown. Instantly these cards and changed into the selection...that's right...all three cards appear identical and match the select...


by Dorian Rhodell

After four Queens are presented, the magicians asks for three selections to be made. These cards are noted and set aside. The magician, holding the Queens in his hand, instantly changes them into t...


by Dorian Rhodell

Here is Dorian's take on the classic Inversion effect. Any card is selected and placed back into the deck. With no apparent moves, the selection instantly turns face down. The next time the magicia...

Finders Keepers

by Dorian Rhodell

The two black Aces are produced and a card is selected and returned. One at a time, the black Aces vanish. When the Aces are reproduced, between them is the selection. The magician hands the select...

Merlins Lost Ace Trick

by Jared Kopf

Jared's version of Merlin's 'Lost' Ace Trick from Expert Card Technique is an exceptionally fair assembly of the Aces that is almost completely hands-off and leaves your spectators with the freedom...

Far Flung Collectors

by Jared Kopf

Jared's version of The Collectors by Roy Walton. In his handling, the Aces are dealt face-up, one at a time into a spectators hand before three free selections later appear sandwiched face-down bet...

Magic Farm

by David Williamson

Dave Williamson's Magic Farm contains more of the magic that has made Dave one of the most sought after magicians in the world!You'll see Dave perform powerful new audience-tested routines like Lia...


by Mike Pisciotta

Silvermint contains two phenomenal routines, Three Way Play and CNM Fly, and both have been designed to amaze and instill wonder. Mike Pisciotta's attention to detail make these a treasure in any w...

Guaranteed Prediction

by Mike Pisciotta

A playful routine thats perfect for the bar or poker-night, Mike Pisciotta's Guaranteed Prediction will at first amuse and then seriously confound your spectators. If a wager is something you love ...

The Linking Matches

by Jordan Gold

A quick and flashy classic, The Linking Matches is the perfect effect for when you're out and word gets around that you're good at what you do. Solid passes through solid, and by the time you're do...

Halo Change

by Jordan Gold

A beautiful color change of a rubber band is a thing of rarity. Gold has created what looks exactly like a camera-trick. Imagine hanging a ring on a rubber band. Without ever touching the ring, the...

Vanishing Joon

by Chris Mayhew

Chris Mayhew's Vanishing Joon is a playful performance piece that establishes your skill while also providing some levity to your routine. With Vanishing Joon it appears that a single card has deve...


by Chris Mayhew

A sandwich routine like you've never seen it. Join Chris Mayhew on a rollercoaster presentation of a trick: four cards are produced, and we have no doubts when we say, the kicker ending will leave ...

A Series of Unfortunate Effects

by Chris Mayhew

Dealing with a mix of wacky personalities, including eccentric magicians and crazed card collectors, Chris and Ben go on a quest to learn the real secrets of magic.After witnessing an amazing magic...


by Jordan Gold

From the mind of Jordan Gold comes Limbo, a coin vanish so squeaky-clean you might just sparkle after nailing it the first time. Watch as a coin completely vanishes from the fingertips, both hands ...

The Great Rubberband Escape

by Jordan Gold

A classic has never looked so incredible. Crazy Man's Handcuffs is arguably the best routine with two rubber bands. Jordan Gold has taken the effect to a new level. It genuinely looks as if the rub...


by Alex Loschilov

Any four of a kind is inextricably controlled during this hypnotic routine. The Jacks are placed in separate piles of the pack, and without hesitation or any apparent sleight of hand, they melt thr...


by Juan Tamariz

With apparently no sleight of hand, master magician Juan Tamariz causes four red cards to impossibly separate from four black cards after being thoroughly mixed and examined. You'll learn the Stair...

An Ambitious Card

by David Ben

In 1922, Dai Vernon bested Harry Houdini. Here David Ben, a true Vernonite and renowned sleight of hand expert, presents his interpretation of the unpublished piece that "fooled Houdini". Ben discu...

A Coin Assembly

by David Ben

David Ben, world renowned sleight-of-hand expert, magical historian, and student of Ross Bertram, offers the method and explains the finer points for Bertram's Coin Assembly buried within the pages...

Impromptu Card Stab

by Dani DaOrtiz

In the first of a series of videos from GrupoKaps media, Dani DaOrtiz astounds with a seemingly impossible, impromptu Card Stab. Anytime, anywhere (though probably not anywhere), a card is shuffled...

Siwei EP

by Siwei Li

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antione de Saint-Exupery.Every effect within the Siwei EP is a visual joy. The moves,...

Tweezer Aces

by Chad Long

Sometimes, a spectator will say, "I don't know what you did, but I know you just did it." They seem to suggest that while they might not be able to explain the move, they know it's been executed. T...

Cutting Three Aces

by Pipo Villanueva

Astound your spectators with invisible, undetectable sleight of hand in this phenomenal version of Spectator Cuts the Aces. Pipo's modern take on this classic of magic will be an instant addition t...

Reset 180°

by Pipo Villanueva

Pipo's vision for this modern classic of magic, Paul Harris's Reset, is a beautiful, fluid transposition. Pipo explains the routine in detail and also discusses some of the performance theory that ...


by Alex Hansford

From the mind of Alex Hansford comes Hessian -- an ultra modern handling of the classic General Card. Alex's routine is what we love to see in magic: it's aesthetic, streamlined, and minimalistic. ...

Quantum Monkey

by Pipo Villanueva

A variation on David Acer's Cheap Labor, Quantum Monkey is an amusing routine that delights audiences with its whimsical presentation. The Quantum Monkey multiplies, disappears, and becomes the per...

Okito Reversembly

by Chad Long

Cards meet coins in this classic of magic that will baffle even the most learned minds of the art. In Chad's updated version of Roundtrip to Boston, coins vanish and reappear within a brass box on ...

The Atomic Coin

by Pipo Villanueva

Pipo's Atomic Coin routine is a beautiful showcase of sleight of hand and spectator management. A coin cleanly transforms into a perfect duplicate of its nearest mate, and the surprising ending wil...


by Franco Pascali

Two thought-of cards are impossibly found by the spectator. Franco's modern handling of this synchronicity effect is streamlined and perfect for casual performance. By putting the outcome into thei...

Transposition Aces

by Chad Long

Transform, change, and transpose are the three unforgettable climaxes in Chad Long's unbelievable Transposition Aces. Not only will this routine amaze all for whom you perform it, Transposition Ace...

MiniCup & Balls

by Pipo Villanueva

Pipo's beautiful mini-cup and ball routine is absolutely astounding. His elegant handling of the props and natural, entertaining presentation provide a perfect routine for strolling or a more forma...

Coins to the Mug

by Pipo Villanueva

This classic effect has been thoroughly updated with significant influence from the Spanish School of Magic. Pipo's handling is modern, natural, and very clever. This incredibly powerful routine is...

Plucked Aces

by Chad Long

For the casual conjuror, Chad's method for pulling the aces out of the deck is perfect for stunning audiences between effects, amazing friends at the poker table, and grabbing a free scotch at the ...

Containers & Spheres

by David Williamson

David Williamson is a master of modern conjuring. His effects often take classics of magic, and through countless hours of nuance and refinement, transform them into polished miracles for the ages....

The 3 Card Trick

by David Williamson

David Williamson's 3 Card Trick has become a modern classic of close-up card magic. A packet of three cards are continually found to be containing "too many cards" to accomplish the effect, whereup...


by Alex Hansford

Alex Hansford releases three pet routines, direct, powerful effects that can be done anywhere, anytime. An instant transformation of 4 cards, a phenomenal transposition inspired by Alex Elmsley, an...

Completing the Hand

by Allan Hagen

Allan Hagen teaches his original material on video for the first time. Completing the Hand is his two-phase poker routine with demonstrations of exceptional memory and skill. By using a mix of clas...

Ultimate Hold 'Em

by Jack Carpenter

Sit down with Jack Carpenter as he deals you in on the secret to a truly incredible gambling routine. The player shuffles, cuts, makes every decision along the way, and without fail, beats the odds...

The Hardest Working Cards in Showbusiness

by Jack Carpenter

The four Kings do all the work in this astounding version of Triumph. In a flash, the kinds disappear, traveling throughout the deck to straighten up the shuffled mess, parking themselves next to t...

Timeline 2.0

by Danny Garcia

Straight from the Danny Garcia Project comes Timeline 2.0 - Danny's impossible teleportation of a signed playing card. Not only will the method inspire you to apply this principle to other aspects ...

William Tell

by Danny Garcia

Straight from the Danny Garcia Project comes William Tell - Danny's impossible location effect with a kicker ending. Danny's presentation is based on the Swiss folk tale, but with the simple method...

A Logical Lesson

by Syd Segal

In 2005, Syd Segal and his long-time friend, mentor, and expert bar magician J.C. Wagner, published Full Metal Jacket, a selection of effects they worked out while sessioning at J.C.'s bar in San D...

The Circus Card Trick

by Jared Kopf

Whether you're completely new to card magic, or you're a seasoned conjurer, this tutorial for the Circus Card Trick is the perfect starting point for performing meaningful, powerful magic.Within th...


by Alberto de Figueiredo

Alberto de Figueiredo presents ONE, a collection of six marvelous pieces of card magic. As one of the premier magicians in Spain, Alberto has applied his thousands of hours of performing experience...

An Impulsive Premonition

by Jack Carpenter

Blink, and you'll miss it. Dan Buck teaches Jack Carpenter's An Impulsive Premonition, including the highly visual transformation, The Impulse Change, that swept the underground card world after it...


by Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson gives a phenomenal introductory course to close up magic with cards - 10 lessons on 10 principles of card magic. 10x10 is card magic for beginners, but even the seasoned card conjuror w...