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A Logical Lesson

By Syd Segal
A Logical Lesson

$ 7.00

A Logical Lesson

In 2005, Syd Segal and his long-time friend, mentor, and expert bar magician J.C. Wagner, published Full Metal Jacket, a selection of effects they worked out while sessioning at J.C.'s bar in San Diego, CA.

This is one of Syd's favorite effects from the notes, and in this new explanation, Syd teaches every move and subtlety in exacting detail. Interesting thinking and construction marry with sophisticated sleight of hand for a powerhouse routine.

Syd Segal's work is mandatory learning material for any magician. Segal's thinking will have you enraged that you didn't come up with something so brilliant yourself. Regardless, we guarantee you won't be able to wait to get out and perform one of Syd's routines. His astute knowledge of the craft is a perfect recipe for paste-board miracles, and as such, his lessons are not one to skip out on.