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Bold Oil & Water

By Juan Tamariz
Close-Up - Bold Oil & Water

$ 8.00

Bold Oil & Water

The maestro himself, Juan Tamariz, is back at it again with a classic of magic. Bold Oil and Water is more than just another rendition of an overplayed routine. What Juan offers is a masterclass in presentation, audience management, and confidence in performance (oh, and you'll get a killer trick to boot!). For the beginner and the seasoned professional, Bold Oil and Water is quite possibly the closest we'll come to a private lesson with the greatest magician alive.

Juan Tamariz is without a doubt the single most important person in our field today. His thoughts on the art are far and away the most profoundly significant advances happening at present. Not since the Professor, have we had someone look so deeply, see so clearly, or push the art forward so enormously as this great gentleman. Although only a tiny fraction of his ideas and thoughts have appeared in print in English, what we do have is of immense value. His books, The Five Points in Magic, The Magic Way, Sonata, Verbal Magic, and Mnemonica, are some of the most valuable books in the entire lexicon. Mr. Tamariz also has some video offerings available, most important of which are the films of his excellent lectures. Any opportunity to learn from him will be to your utmost benefit!