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Coin through Handkerchief

By Elliott Terral
Street Magic - Coin Through Handkerchief

$ 3.00

Coin through Handkerchief

This penetration of a coin through a handkerchief is the second method, described on page 68, of The New Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo. A coin apparently melts straight through the fabric of a common pocket square or gentleman's handkerchief. This fascinating penetration can be performed at a moment's notice, using only a bit of fabric and some sleight-of-hand. Not only is the effect described, Elliott teaches a fundamental technique that will help you fool audiences regardless of your performing circumstances.

"Since no special preparation is required, the trick is a perfect one for close-up impromptu work."- Bobo (The New Modern Coin Magic, 68)

As a cofounder of, Elliott is dedicated to advancing our art and honing our craft. While not a professional magician, his enthusiasm for intimate performance and his attention to detail, coupled with his knuckle-busting chops, have provided him valuable insight into why good, powerful magic is essential to elevating the public's perception of our community.