Collectors Edition

By Syd Segal
Close-Up - Collectors Edition

$ 5.00

Collectors Edition

One of 7 original effects featured on Simply Sydney, an instructional collection featuring the card magic of Syd Segal. In Collectors Edition, the Kings successfully locate and trap three selections, the feat is then repeated by the magician under test conditions. Not only do the selections reappear a second time in the magicians hands, but the King packet cleanly vanishes as well!

Syd Segal's work is mandatory learning material for any magician. Segal's thinking will have you enraged that you didn't come up with something so brilliant yourself. Regardless, we guarantee you won't be able to wait to get out and perform one of Syd's routines. His astute knowledge of the craft is a perfect recipe for paste-board miracles, and as such, his lessons are not one to skip out on.