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Completing the Hand

By Allan Hagen
Completing the Hand

$ 12.00

Completing the Hand

Allan Hagen teaches his original material on video for the first time. Completing the Hand is his two-phase poker routine with demonstrations of exceptional memory and skill. By using a mix of classic and modern card techniques and principles, you learn a unique and entertaining pseudo-gambling piece. In this detailed 23 minute instructional video, Allan teaches everything from techniques to subtleties, presentation and everything you need to know in order to give your audience a skill demonstration they will remember.

You can view the full performance over on the blog!

Allan is a Norwegian magician with a background and education in film and cinematography. Combining his fine tuned sleight of hand skills developed over the last 15 years with his knowledge of storytelling, structure, suspense and visuals, he performs exquisite card magic that captivates his audience. Allan has a very high attention to detail, and he will never stop working on and polishing his material, whether that involves perfecting a sleight/technique or fine-tuning the script of a performance piece. He believes that nothing should be overlooked, and everything should be a conscious choice that affects how your magic is experienced. When he doesn't do shows in his native Norway, he travels a lot, often overseas, seeking out inspiration and adventures in pursuit of new magic.