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By Dani DaOrtiz
Close-Up - Concerto

$ 12.00


From one of Magic's foremost minds, comes a multilayered effect - combining both the plots of a Torn & Restored Card and ACAAN - that will leave any audience baffled.

A card is selected and signed by an audience member, after being torn into quarters a spectator is invited to hold a torn corner as a "receipt" of the card. In a flash, the scraps of card vanish. A number is then freely named and when dealt to that position, the signed, selected card is found perfectly intact, save for a missing corner. When compared to the audience member's piece - a perfect match is discovered. A miracle!

On this streaming video you'll enjoy intricate teaching from Dani DaOrtiz himself, whose style and approach to magic is not only unique, but intricately structured. In addition, an alternate handling is included to cater to a wide array of performance styles.

Dani DaOrtiz is a wonder worker of the highest caliber. He seems to be some glorious amalgam of Juan Tamariz and Lennart Green with his own brilliant qualities thrown in for good measure. In performance, he seems to be the picture of complete nonchalance, even going out of his way to help randomize an already chaotic performance, yet miracles happen with the utmost, and ironically unexpected, regularity.He has released some of his material in the Fat Brothers video series, some excellent on demand videos, and a brand new set of videos from Luis de Matos. Additionally he has a number of books and even a magazine, but these have yet to be translated into English.