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Containers & Spheres

By David Williamson
Containers & Spheres

$ 10.00

Containers & Spheres

David Williamson is a master of modern conjuring. His effects often take classics of magic, and through countless hours of nuance and refinement, transform them into polished miracles for the ages.

Containers and Spheres is no exception to Williamson’s ingenuity.

Cups and Balls, a timeless effect, is given new life, as Williamson explains and reveals the innermost secrets of this timeless masterpiece. You'll learn how to pass rubber balls through solid cups like a hot knife through butter and cause them to change places, vanish and reappear. Williamson takes the classic to a new level—what could be previously described as a well practiced “trick” will now leave audiences with only one possible explanation—pure magic.

The explanation of this the cups and balls routine is from David's phenomenal DVD, Sleight of Dave, available for streaming exclusively on

The substance of David Williamson’s magic runs strong and deep. After being inspired as a young child to become a magician, Williamson dedicated decades of his life to our art. The payoff of his hard work is anything but understated. Williamson is undoubtedly a master of his craft. Witty and charming, Williamson conveys true wonder in every performance, and for that, he is a treasure of our community. His work is a resource that should be studied by every magician: master or novice.