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By Josh Janousky

$ 10.00


Counterfeit by Josh Janousky is nothing short of modern alchemy. Imagine - a crude sketch on a piece of paper transforms with a shake of the wrist into cold-hard-cash. Visually stunning, and an undeniable reputation maker, Counterfeit is a necessity in every worker's arsenal.

"One of the most fun, visual, and easy money tricks I've ever seen." - John Lovick

"This change is so good it should be illegal." - Jeff Prace

Acknowledgement goes to Juan Pablo and his independent creation, Cash Flow.

"Delightful. F--ing delightful!" is what John Mulaney has to say about Josh Janousky. We couldn't agree more! Josh comes for the great state of Florida, Orlando to be specific. As a student he works part time as columnist for Vanish Magazine but has also appeared in every major magic publication. Known for his close-up magic, Josh specializes in magic with bills. When he isn't creating or performing magic, Josh is studying Character Animation, with the dream of becoming a Pixar Animator.