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Director's Cut

By Henok Negash
Close-Up - Director's Cut

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Director's Cut

A demonstration of gambling with an unexpected ending where the spectator unknowingly performs expert card control to magically produce four of a kind.

The magician explains that he will show you how to cheat at cards by finding any four of a kind with magic. As an example, the Aces are introduced and used to demonstrate an "invisible palm", in which they seem to vanish one at a time and reappear on command. From there, the spectator takes over and finds his own four of a kind.

Born and raised in California, Henok has developed magic for Dan and Dave over the years, and he is currently creating and performing routines that are topical and authentic in our modern world. His Masters Degree in Social Work and 3 year service in the United States Peace Corps have helped him create powerful magic that stimulates his audiences. He is heavily influenced by the magic of Tony Picasso, Mike Caveney, and the comedic prowess of Michael Davis.