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Elmsley Count

By Elliott Terral
Elmsley Count

$ 7.00

Elmsley Count

Elliott Terral explores Alex Elmsley's technique for false-counting four cards as four, explained in Dai Vernon's Twisting the Aces routine within the pages of More Inner Secrets of Card Magic.

Not only does Elliott explain the mechanics of the Elmsley Count and several subtle details that will make your false count effortless and undetectable, he also teaches Vernon's Twisting the Aces routine , with a few minor modern adjustments.

As a cofounder of, Elliott is dedicated to advancing our art and honing our craft. While not a professional magician, his enthusiasm for intimate performance and his attention to detail, coupled with his knuckle-busting chops, have provided him valuable insight into why good, powerful magic is essential to elevating the public's perception of our community.