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Finders Keepers

By Dorian Rhodell
Close-Up - Finders Keepers

$ 6.00

Finders Keepers

The two black Aces are produced and a card is selected and returned. One at a time, the black Aces vanish. When the Aces are reproduced, between them is the selection. The magician hands the selection back to the spectator and asks her to wave the card over the Aces. When she does, the magicians slowly spreads the two black Aces to show they have turned into the four Aces, and face down between each Ace is the mates to the selection.

Dorian Rhodell is one of the premier sleight of hand magicians in the United States and has performed for groups of 2 to audiences of 1000. His smooth and elegant approach to magic is guaranteed to astonish and amaze! Check out his work to see for yourself!