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Flux Deal

By Alex Moffat
Sleight Of Hand - Flux Deal

$ 15.00

Flux Deal

A diabolical switch that allows for the seamless and constant change of cards as they are dealt onto the table.

Flux Deal is designed for the most challenging tasks: Switch one card or many cards, cause cards to visually change, force cards, and more. The Flux Deal is great for mathematical tricks, gambling demonstrations, and transpositions. The possibilities are endless!

The deal is not only imperceptible, but indistinguishable. With practice, the switch will even fool you.

Alex Moffat has attributed years of research and development into the Flux Deal, borrowing inspiration from Lennart Green, Edward Marlo, and Gene Maze - just a few of the greatest inventors of card magic of our time.

We are proud to present this debut release from Alex Moffat and look forward to seeing where it takes your own magic.

Alex Moffat is the mind that brought the magic community the Flux Deal, an invaluable and diabolical switch that’s paid dividends for working magicians ten times over. Truly a beautiful mind, we can’t wait to see what Alex has in store for the future.