Gambling Protection Series, Volume 4

By Steve Forte
Sleight Of Hand - Gambling Protection Series, Volume 4

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Gambling Protection Series, Volume 4

Gambling Protection Series, Volume 4 welcomes you into the vast world that is cheating at dice. Thought it was as simple as a weight cooked into some plastic? You'd be wrong. Forte goes into in depth discussion on the ins and outs of loaded dice. It's a fascinating journey that manages to arm you with the protection you need when having the boys over for a game of Craps. Grab a drink and join us for the final installment of the classic Gambling Protection Series.

Arguably the greatest technician with cards at present, perhaps of all time, Steve Forte seems to perform all manner of the most difficult gambling sleights as easily as breathing. He is perhaps the foremost gaming protection expert with an expansive knowledge of the methods of hustlers and how to spot and prevent them from taking advantage. It is because of this that we have one of the greatest resources for seeing gambling sleight of hand done to perfection of all time, the Gambling Protection Series. It was released primarily for casinos and card players but became known by magicians simply for the opportunity to see these mythical sleights done at unfathomable levels of proficiency. In addition to the video series, Mr. Forte has published a number of books on the subject which, although not magic, do contain some material that could be of interest to the card magician, in addition to the fascinating gambling related therein.