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Grease Lightning

By Dorian Rhodell
Close-Up - Grease Lightning

$ 6.00

Grease Lightning

A visual transposition of the four aces and the four kings that goes like this: A spectator is asked which would they prefer, "Aces or Kings?" Whatever their choice, these four cards, let's say Kings, are cleanly inserted into separate parts of the deck and left protruding. The Aces are placed face up on top. With just a snap, the Aces visually change into Kings. The protruding cards are removed and shown to be the Aces.

In addition, Dorian tips an alternate method that will fool even magicians.

Dorian Rhodell is one of the premier sleight of hand magicians in the United States and has performed for groups of 2 to audiences of 1000. His smooth and elegant approach to magic is guaranteed to astonish and amaze! Check out his work to see for yourself!