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Hofzinser's Aristocrats

By Kostya Kimlat
Close-Up - Hofzinser's Aristocrats

$ 7.00

Hofzinser's Aristocrats

A multi-phased rendition of the classic Hofzinser Ace Trick developed by Kostya Kimlat & Syd Segal. In this version the spectator is given a role and takes part in the routine by helping the magician find the selection through means of magic, mathematics, and awesomeness. Watch as Kostya's professional approach turns even the simplest card trick into a magical experience. 

A sleight of hand virtuoso, Kostya Kimlat is an underground legend in the close-up community. One of his greatest contributions, the Roadrunner Cull, has become mandatory learning for any aspiring conjuror. Every lesson from Kostya is a treasure; his card magic will simply make you a better magician. Even before fooling Penn and Teller this past year, Kimlat has been a force to be reckoned with.