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Impromptu Card Stab

By Dani DaOrtiz
Impromptu Card Stab

$ 6.00

Impromptu Card Stab

In the first of a series of videos from GrupoKaps media, Dani DaOrtiz astounds with a seemingly impossible, impromptu Card Stab. Anytime, anywhere (though probably not anywhere), a card is shuffled into the pack and immediately found using only the blade of a knife. Learn some of Dani's psychological technique, as well as a the perfect trick for a "tough" room.

This explanation is in Spanish, but Closed Captioning is available within the Explanation.

Dani DaOrtiz is a wonder worker of the highest caliber. He seems to be some glorious amalgam of Juan Tamariz and Lennart Green with his own brilliant qualities thrown in for good measure. In performance, he seems to be the picture of complete nonchalance, even going out of his way to help randomize an already chaotic performance, yet miracles happen with the utmost, and ironically unexpected, regularity.He has released some of his material in the Fat Brothers video series, some excellent on demand videos, and a brand new set of videos from Luis de Matos. Additionally he has a number of books and even a magazine, but these have yet to be translated into English.