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Kooky Koins

By David Williamson
Kooky Koins

$ 10.00

Kooky Koins

David Williamson’s Kooky Koins is a feast for both the eyes and imagination. In this outstanding display of sleight of hand, Williamson not only manipulates the audience’s sense of sight, but their sense of sound as well. This added ruse of subterfuge adds a layer that proves not only baffling, but deeply beautiful. If you’re tired of hackneyed tricks and are looking to practice, look no further-- Kooky Koins will take your magic onto another plane.  

The explanation of this routine is from David's phenomenal DVD, Sleight of Dave, available for streaming exclusively on

The substance of David Williamson’s magic runs strong and deep. After being inspired as a young child to become a magician, Williamson dedicated decades of his life to our art. The payoff of his hard work is anything but understated. Williamson is undoubtedly a master of his craft. Witty and charming, Williamson conveys true wonder in every performance, and for that, he is a treasure of our community. His work is a resource that should be studied by every magician: master or novice.