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Maguro Mega Pack

By Michael Stern
Sleight Of Hand - Maguro Mega Pack

$ 7.00

Maguro Mega Pack

Have you ever thought, “I love the Diagonal Palm Shift but have no idea how to make tuna sushi”? Have you ever practiced card technique for so long you craved traditional Japanese cuisine? Look no further—Michael Stern’s Maguro Mega Pack is just what you've been looking for.

Featuring brand new applications for the diagonal palm shift (including a DPS to the top and a DPS from a spring), Maguro Mega Pack is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any move monkey. Also on the same bill you’ll enjoy several tricks that incorporate the moves taught—and a 10 minute instructional video on how to prepare Maguro—easily worth the price of admission alone.

Looking for more in-depth instruction? Check out Ricky Smith’s thoughts on the Diagonal Palm Shift for a foundation that’ll prepare anyone to slice bluefin.

Michael Stern doesn't mess around. Part of a new generation of close-up magicians, Stern's approach to the art is playful, fun, and in-depth. But don't be mistaken, Stern's talent knows no bounds. His knowledge of magic is far reaching, and boy does it show in his skill.