$ 25.00


Alberto de Figueiredo presents ONE, a collection of six marvelous pieces of card magic. As one of the premier magicians in Spain, Alberto has applied his thousands of hours of performing experience to create incredible magic moments that are perfect for formal close-up presentations.

Watch the full performance over on the blog to see an instantaneous 4 card transposition, an impossible ace cutting routine where the spectator's play a part, a triple divination that you'll immediately add to your show, a card in box with an astounding kicker, a truly impossible Card to Wallet routine, and the perfect finale to close out your show, where the magic happens in the hands and the mind of the spectator.


Alberto de Figueiredo is one of the most renowned magicians on the magic scene in Spain today. Having been on the circuit since 1993, he has performed more than 3,500 times to all genres of the public, thus making him one of the most experienced magicians in the business. He has appeared as a guest or been the resident magician on more than 100 television shows, acted in theatres throughout Spain, and participated in many major corporate events. His work as a professional magician is recognized both nationally and internationally. As well as having won the Spanish National Magic Prize known as the ‘Premio Nacional de Magia’, he has written books where he shares his own creations, and given performances and lectures worldwide to other magicians.