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The One-Card EP

By Kevin Ho
The One-Card EP

$ 12.00

The One-Card EP

Don't blink, or you'll miss one of Kevin Ho's six original and attractive ways to spin a playing card. From the author of the über cool booklet, Smooth Operations comes yet another product, packed with great material.

When it comes to Cardistry, Kevin Ho is no doubt among the best there is. His creativity goes beyond what the eye sees. He understands what makes a good card flourish and in watching the tutorial you might just pick up some valuable information, aside from the six original one-card flourishes.

Magican, Cardist, and resident wonder technician, Kevin Ho straddles two worlds. Cardistry and Magic intersect in Ho's aesthetic to produce beautiful visuals and head-shaking reactions. When worlds collide, the result is awe--welcome to the work of Kevin Ho.