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Peregrine Pass

By Daniel Prado
Sleight Of Hand - Peregrine Pass

$ 8.00

Peregrine Pass

It's not often we stumble upon a secret technique that looks authentic to the natural action taking place, in this case - closing a spread of cards. With the Peregrine Pass, what happens "behind the scenes" when compared to the polished performance is night and day. This is sleight of hand at its finest! Learn how it's done in this in-depth tutorial by professional magician, Daniel Prado.

Daniel Prado, from Brazil, has always had an aptitude for art. As kid he was very passionate about magic, but the difficulties of getting his hands on learning materials, as well as a magic course, drove his life in other directions. Daniel became a professional musician playing all over his country. But in 2005, magic got him. At first, magic was a hobby for Daniel but he soon noticed how many challenges the art demanded, and that inspired him. In 2007 he started a lecture enterprise called “Close-Up Business”, where he used magic to teach people about business and marketing. His career as a magician was born. Daniel loves studying all aspects of magic and is constantly trying to develop original effects and techniques to fit his personality.