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Progressive Sandwich

By Helder Guimarães
Close-Up - Progressive Sandwich

$ 6.00

Progressive Sandwich

If you're not serious about what your art, then please don't buy Helder's Progressive Sandwich. If, however, you're still reading (and we hope you are), you've come to the right place to take your magic boldly where its never been before. Progessive Sandwich is a performance piece of the highest caliber. Baffling and aesthetically gorgeous, this routine is perfect for the parlor, poker table, or personal space of wonder.

In 2006, at the age of 23, Helder Guimarães became the youngest ever World Champion of Card Magic. He was awarded the title after his performance in a triennial competition, which left both the judging panel and over a thousand other performers utterly baffled. Since then, using his background in acting and theater, he created and performed his one-man shows all over the world.