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Quantum Mechanics

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A selection of Irving Quant's finest card magic featuring a revolutionary new technique for controlling not just a single card, but multiple cards in a way you probably never imagined. He calls it the Distribution Technique, and in our opinion, unlocks a whole new level for card magicians.

The Distribution Technique is a utility move, like the Clip Shift, that can be applied to literally endless applications. On Quantum Mechanics, Irving explains many of its possibilities with several of his favorite effects.

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Irving Quant

Distribution Technique

Many of the tricks in Quantum Mechanics heavily rely on this technique. It's a new principle in card magic that allows for many new ideas. It's a technique for controlling multiple cards throughou...

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Irving Quant


Immediately after any four of a kind, let's say the Kings, are clearly shown on top, the pack is riffled causing them to vanish. The cards are then spread to show the Kings are now evenly distribut...

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Irving Quant

Katana Spread

A mysterious production of four cards that visually appear face-up as the deck is spread across the table.Knowledge of Irving Quant's Distribution Technique is essential.

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Irving Quant

Pure Slap

The four Kings are face-up on top of the deck as the spectator places the four aces face-up throughout the deck. The cards are cleanly squared with nothing to see. With just a riffle of the cards, ...

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Irving Quant

Samurai Kut

From a shuffled deck, the cards are tossed onto a table. As the cards land, they break into four even packets. The spectator can now turn over the top card of each to reveal the four Aces.Knowledge...

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Irving Quant


The four Kings are placed face-up on top of the deck. Four selections are now removed and clearly inserted back into the deck. Everything is squared. With just a riffle, the Kings vanish from the t...

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Irving Quant


This is a beautiful version of Bill Goodwin's Slap Exchange. Ricochet is a four card transposition effect like no other. Similar in effect to Pure Slap, but with the most surprising kicker that lea...

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Irving Quant

Irving's Ace Cutting

A tribute to John Scarney's Cutting to the Aces. After the cards have been thorougly mixed, you prove that no breaks, crimps or jogs will be used. You then proceed to cut to the four Aces.An altern...

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