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Riffle Shuffle Action Palm

By Michael Feldman
Sleight Of Hand - Riffle Shuffle Action Palm

$ 5.00

Riffle Shuffle Action Palm

This diabolical method for obtaining a Top Palm is concealed in the action of shuffling the cards and can be performed nearly surrounded. Michael's modern refinements on this arcane sleight will give you the confidence to execute it in any circumstance.

As a bonus, learn how to produce the palmed card from inside a card box.

Michael Feldman is equally comfortable on stage and in the workshop. He has been a featured performer at the Magic Castle, the Chicago Magic Lounge, Crystal Cruise Lines, and Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running magic show off Broadway. He is also a prolific creator. Not shying away from knuckle busting sleight of hand, Michael's effects can be tough, but they destroy.