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Selenium Shift

By Chris Severson
Sleight Of Hand - Selenium Shift

$ 20.00

Selenium Shift

The Selenium Shift is beauty at its finest. Chris Severson has shown us how far someone can take just a pack of cards. When we first saw it live, we knew that Chris had mingled mechanics with choreography and created a move that looks like real magic. A change, a vanish, and so much more, the Selenium Shift will have your spectators screaming CGI. How far will the move take you

Chris has been shuffling paper for over 12 years and was entrapped by magic at a young age. He believes that magic alone is not an art. Being able to buy a trick off the Internet or learn a card sleight from YouTube does not make art. He believes that what makes magic a true art form is not the ability to fool someone, but to make them question their own deep seated beliefs in reality and what they have just witnessed. The ability to bend their thoughts and emotions, read their body language, and interpret social psychology; that interaction between the spectator and magician can be monumental. He knows it takes years and even decades to make magic an art, and he strives to do just that.