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Sixty Nine

By Dan and Dave
Close-Up - Sixty Nine

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Sixty Nine

Here's a fun packet trick that you'll love to perform. The four sixes are shown while the performer jokes about how if he turns the six around and change it to a nine (pointing to an upside down six from the spectators point of view). The next time the performer turns them around, they really do change to nines and the cards can be handed out for examination.

Dan and Dave, 32, are twin brothers who share an insane ability to manipulate playing cards. Whether you call it magic, sleight of hand or juggling, one thing is for sure, witness them with a deck of cards and you will have a whole new outlook on what is possible. Their creative approach has spawned a new generation of fast paced, visual, in-your-face magic as well as an entirely new art form known as Cardistry. If you saw the 2007 film, Smokin' Aces, you witnessed their skill first hand. Earlier, in 2006, Cingular Wireless caught eye and incorporated their techniques into a commercial for Samsung’s Blackjack phone and recently they were hired to hand double for an entire season of hit children’s show, LazyTown. With all this, including, acclaim from David Copperfield and David Blaine, appearing on the cover of Genii magazine, being published in numerous books as well as authoring several of their own instructional books and DVDs and producing their own brand of playing cards, Dan and Dave would tell you they’re just getting started.