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By Chris Ramsay
Sleight Of Hand - Slipshift

$ 6.00


Fascinated by magic since childhood, Chris Ramsay has devoted a fair amount of time into both the study and practice however it was only recently, with his discovery of Cardistry, that his creativity began to flourish (literally).

The Slipshift is a visual color change done at the fingertips. Within this video Chris explains several variations of the change along with a method to control a selected card to the top of the deck.

"Slipshift as well as most of my original material has been derived in one form or another from flourishing. when I discover a new way of producing or clipping a card I often find myself dissecting it to see what else it might be good for." - And that is precisely the ideology we teach in our lectures and why we are so thrilled to have Chris apart of our team.

Chris Ramsay specializes in the deceptive practices. Using techniques he's refined through thousands of hours of practice, he persists in altering your perceived reality. His flare for creativity has thrown him in to the world of deception, where some of his techniques are distributed to practitioners across the globe. At the forefront of today's industry of modern conjuring, Chris is constantly creating new ways to entertain and redefine your idea of magic. Chris is available upon request to liven up your event, whether it's a Corporate or Private affair.