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This quick little effect is wonderful for both a close up and a parlour setting as it's not only very open and visible, but Will has constructed it in a way to automatically bring the audience's attention back up to the performer at the end. Not only is it a great trick, but a superb lesson in the design and execution of an effect.

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John Doe

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Albuquerque, New Mexico - March 28th, 2017


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Chicago, Illinois - March 27th, 2017

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The Magic Circle’s Close-up Magician of the Year, 2015, Dr Will Houstoun, has just completed his PhD in Victorian Conjuring. He has lectured and performed around the world, including multiple appearances at The Magic Castle and The Magic Circle, and consulted on projects such as the BBC’s Wolf Hall and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Will has written two books: The Notebook, which examines late eighteenth century card magic, and Hellsi in Wonderland, that investigates a little known, but influential, nineteenth century performer. In addition he is the Editor of both The Magic Circle and the Young Magicians Club magazines, edits Quarterly with Helder Guimaraes and has been on the staff of both Genii and MAGIC.

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