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Stabbed in the Back

By David Williamson
Close-Up - Stabbed In The Back

$ 3.00

Stabbed in the Back

More of a "stunt" or "display of skill" then an actual magic effect but in either case this quick little fooler will take any onlooker by surprise. A selection is lost in the pack, then the Ace is removed and tossed into the deck from afar only to land perfectly positioned next to the selection à la ninja style.

The substance of David Williamson’s magic runs strong and deep. After being inspired as a young child to become a magician, Williamson dedicated decades of his life to our art. The payoff of his hard work is anything but understated. Williamson is undoubtedly a master of his craft. Witty and charming, Williamson conveys true wonder in every performance, and for that, he is a treasure of our community. His work is a resource that should be studied by every magician: master or novice.