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By Simon Black
Sleight Of Hand - Swivel

$ 12.00


From Simon Black comes a resurrection of one of our favorite sleight of hand techniques. Swivel, the product of Simon's tireless study of the original move, expands and refines Earnest Earick's Longitudinal Swivel Steal, first published in By Forces Unseen.

Today, with the aid of Swivel, you'll enjoy Simon's thinking behind the Longitudinal Swivel Steal and a variety of applications we're sure will keep you busy for hours. Whether it's a triple-change, control, or incredible production, Swivel is only limited by your imagination.

If you're ready to expand your knowledge of the classics, look no further. Swivel offers a modernist approach to one of our all-time favorites.

Simon Black is a young magician and sleight of hand artist from downtown Chicago, IL. Hailing from the birthplace of intimate close-up magic, Simon's unique style combines his love of dexterous playing card techniques with his passion for performance art, resulting in a display that is attractive, deceptive, and entertaining to lay people and magicians alike, but for very different reasons. Simon possesses an incredibly intense origin story, as he was hit by a car and broke his femur when he was fourteen years old. Bedridden for over two months, he used almost all of his time to practice the art of magic. As a result, he progressed extraordinarily rapidly, and continues to uphold his zealous practice regimen to this day.