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By Lee Asher
Cardistry - Sybling

$ 4.00


A flourish can be much more than a beautiful exhibition of skill. For instance, just controlling the top stock of the deck during a visual mid-air cut is advantageous and intelligent, but being able to control the entire deck - is smarter. Displays with functionality are the ones that tend to be used most in performance. 

If you agree, then Lee Asher's Sybling is built specifically for you. This highly stylized, full-deck, false cut is suited for beginners and designed to emphasize the power of the routine it's used in. Created in homage to Chris Kenner's classic cut, 'Sybil,' this graceful maneuver is guaranteed to impress all watching. 

Grab your deck and learn this stunning technique right now.

From a young boy developing his talents to his journey to become a magician's magician, it has been Lee's duty to bring the most astonishing visual magic to the public eye. Lee's determination to elevate the art of magic has earned him the respect of his peers. He looks at the art of magic from a real-world perspective and approaches it with skills, very few posses. During the past decade, Lee Asher has taught his style of magic to other magicians worldwide through live lectures and instructional media and literature.