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Tear Change

By Brandon Williams
Close-Up - Tear Change

$ 8.00

Tear Change

Imagine slowly tearing a playing card, and just as it's completely torn in half, it visually transforms into a spectators signed selection. Today, with the help of Brandon Williams, this impossibility is now a reality. There is no doubt Williams's Tear Change will get people talking about your magic. It genuinely looks like sorcery.

Be advised: the Tear Change is not a toy. It is a weapon to be carefully used in your arsenal to amaze and astound.  

Brandon Williams's magic is a brand we're glad to see. A lot of new magic today has all the wonder cooked out of it. It just isn't fresh anymore--but it's different with Brandon. Williams's effects take the spectator on a rollercoaster ride of amazement. There's no doubt that Brandon Williams's contributions are elevating the art ten-fold.