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That Escalated Quickly

By Harapan Ong
Close-Up - That Escalated Quickly

$ 8.00

That Escalated Quickly

Harapan Ong is an acclaimed creator of magic and an expert card technician. His inventions have been distributed widely amongst the community and have inspired countless magicians all over the world.

We are honored to present That Escalated Quickly, a brand new effect from Harapan that begins with a very simple procedure of perplexing, yet logical results. Quickly, however, the stakes are escalated to an unaccountable display that'll leave your spectators scratching their heads for days.

Harapan Ong isn't in the business of tricks, he's in the business of miracles. Stop what you're doing if you want a fresh breath of baffling magic--that's the only sort of wonder Ong offers.