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The Atomic Coin

By Pipo Villanueva
The Atomic Coin

$ 7.00

The Atomic Coin

Pipo's Atomic Coin routine is a beautiful showcase of sleight of hand and spectator management. A coin cleanly transforms into a perfect duplicate of its nearest mate, and the surprising ending will leave your spectators stunned and elated. 

This routine does require a CSB gimmick, not available on this site*

Pipo Villanueva, put simply, elevates the art of magic. Each move has been constructed with precise intention: "why might you move one way when you could move another," "is there an excuse for this motion," "is this really the best sleight to use in this situation?" are just some of the countless questions asked in the development of a Villanueva miracle.  Pipo's 2016 release, Magic for the Shortsighted, is an incredible discourse on close up magic--it is nothing short of a gift to the community. Packed with incredible magic and well thought out theory, Magic for the Shortsighted is guaranteed to elevate your craft to the next level. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what Pipo has in store.