John Redmon

The Strike Locked Double System

About the trick

This isn't a quick trick or a fancy sleight. It's a comprehensive evaluation and deconstruction of the most ubiquitous sleight in conjuring.

Dr. J. Kirkland Redmon has finally released his original Strike Locked Doubles System for the first time to the magic community - a system he has used for over thirty years to create invisible strike double lifts.

Imagine executing a strike or hit double lift with no get-ready, no little finger breaks, no pinky counting, and above all, no need to create a midsection moment to cover the work. Strike Locked Doubles are burnable and performed directly in front of the audience.

In his 2 Hour explanation, John will teach you practical handlings of the Strike Locked Double, along with turnovers and displays, switches and unloads, and utility moves that will give you the ability to create an enormous number of double lift sequences.

Here are what some well known card magic experts have to say about Strike Locked Doubles:

"Dr. J. Kirkland Redmon’s 'Strike Locked Double Principle' is as utilitarian as it is impressive- time spent mastering the technique will reward you a hundred fold!" - Jack Carpenter

"You’ve created a double lift that doesn’t look like a double lift." - Jerry Andrus

"The double lift is no small thing, especially in the hands of J. Kirkland Redmon. His technique for the Strike Lock Double is an invaluable addition to the art of the double lift. I found the potential applications of the “Locking System” to be of the highest interest." - Steve Ehlers

"This work on Strike Double Lifts is both invisible and undetectable to the audience." -Jon Racherbaumer

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John Doe

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Albuquerque, New Mexico - March 28th, 2017


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Chicago, Illinois - March 27th, 2017

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Dr. J. Kirkland Redmon considers his mentors some of the great magicians like Andrus, Skinner, Klause, Bergeron, Fox, Jennings and Virgil.  He has performed close-up and parlor magic on five different continents in literally hundreds of different venues before thousands of audience members. His passion now is to share the extensive knowledge he has gained from over 30 years of professional performance with a new generation of magicians.
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