The Unreal Session #3

By Paul Wilson
Close-Up - The Unreal Session #3

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The Unreal Session #3

In terms of material, this has to be our favorite episode so far. Boxed Transpo by Paul Wilson is one of our favorite card tricks to perform right now. The method is genius, and fun to perform! Jason England, who we should just start calling Forte Jr. continues to turn gambling routines into magical effects. The episode goes on with insightful information from the duo but the best part is when Asi Wind steals the show by literally fooling Mr. England with an impossible card location that you just have to see to believe. And yes, he tips the method.

Paul Wilson supplements a vast and diverse knowledge of card magic with a superlative technique and exceptional grasp and application of misdirection. He is from Scotland and has learned well from Roy Walton and also has an excellent grounding in the works of John Ramsay.  Mr. Wilson has had a number of video projects featuring his own work, and all are highly recommended, however, his work on the Royal Road to Card Magic is of exceptional value. He also has a number of lecture notes and contributions to books and magazines that are well worth searching for, and we all look forward to the day when he puts out a large book of his thoughts and material, if large books do indeed bother to exist anymore.