Elliott Terral

Triple Cask Triumph

About the trick

Triple Cask Triumph is a simple, direct, in-the-hands variation of Dai Vernon's famous Triumph. This version contains no traditional sleight of hand, and it should serve as an excellent guide to structuring magical effects with the audience in mind.

"This is not your standard Triumph. Elliott wanted to distance the effect from the method, so rather than go through the often-times dull shuffle and cut sequences, he embraced a spectator-as-magician approach with as few traditional sleights as possible, opting for subtleties and boldness instead. By leveraging audience's preconceptions, a seemingly natural shuffle is anything but, and two revelations are produced without the magician touching the deck."

Each performance of this effect is an experiment in further understanding audience perception, and we encourage you to understand the principles involved and create your own variations on Triple Cask Triumph.

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John Doe

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Albuquerque, New Mexico - March 28th, 2017


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Chicago, Illinois - March 27th, 2017

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